Why are Fatty Acids Important?

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Fatty Acids are required but not produced in the body of your pet, so they must be provided in your pets' diet. Without Fatty Acids, skin and fur will be lackluster and dry, even itchy. Joints may be more stiff and uncomfortable in aging pets and digestive troubles may occur. Fatty Acids are the grease that keeps your nutritional wheel turning smoothly!

LickOchops is an Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acid supplement.  The Omega 3s come in through a cold water, cold pressed fish oil from the cold waters of the North Atlantic. The Omega 6s are provided through chicken fat, one of the best and most highly absorbable forms of Omega 6.

LickOchops provides the Omega 6 to Omega 3 ratio that supports canines and felines, and it doesn't stop there! We also give your pet the added boost of multiple strains of high powered probiotics, along with natural source Vitamin E.  

This Omega supplement is such a boost to the skin and coat, immune system and digestive tract...and it's a tasty treat for your dog or cat as well!
SuprOmega Fish Oil

SuprOmega Fish Oil is an Omega 3 essential fatty acid supplement.  The Omega 3s come in through cold water, cold pressed fish oil sourced in the North Atlantic. SuprOmega Fish Oil also contains natural source vitamin E  

SuprOmega Fish Oil also provides highly absorbable Omega 3s that support skin and coat and provide joint support through its anti inflammatory properties.

Either of these Fatty Acids can be used with your dog or cat. Both LickOchops and SuprOmega Fish Oil are high quality Omega fatty acid supplements, good for your pet! If your pet is finicky, LickOchops may be a good choice for them. If your pet is itchy or struggles with joint issues, SuprOmega Fish Oil may be a good choice for them.

You do not need to use both of these products with your pet. Choose one or the other and feed it to your pet at 1-2 teaspoons of Fatty Acids per cup of food.
*All information on this website is for educational purposes only and is not intended to replace the expert advice of a veterinarian or veterinary practitioner.

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