CarPET Pet Hair Remover

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CarPET Pet Hair Remover

Keep your home and car looking neat and clean by quickly and effortlessly brushing away pesky pet hair with the CarPET Pet Hair Remover. Purposefully low-tech yet highly effective, this thoughtfully designed tool is the simple, durable, long-term solution for removing any type of pet hair from most textured fabric surfaces like car seats, furniture upholstery, carpets and more. It instantly lifts, gathers and removes even the trickiest of hair types including cat, dog, horse, guinea pig and more. Engineered to work with very little pressure—simply hold one side on a flat surface and gently brush the hair into a pile, just like sweeping the floor.

Key Benefits

• Simple but effective block features rubber nubs that lift, gather and remove pet hair from almost any textured fabric surface.

• Quickly and easily removes all types of pet hair including dog, cat, horse, livestock, guinea pig, rabbit and more.

• 4-sided tool is lightweight, durable and engineered to provide long-lasting, reliable use for years to come.

• Hygienic & easy to clean! Pull hair from the block with your fingers, tap it gently on a solid surface to knock the hair free, or rinse with soap and water.

• Block measures 5 x 2 x 2 inches; stores conveniently in any drawer, luggage or the glove box for quick and easy access.