For Good Health!

Dogs and cats need Omega fatty acids to help support and maintain their good health. Sadly, often times our pet's diets are deficient in these nutrients. Does your pet have dry, flaky, itchy skin or a brittle, dull coat? If so, this can be a manifestation of a fatty acid deficiency.

Our yummy source of Omega-6 and Omega 3 fatty acids is called Lickochops and it also contains Natural Source Vitamin E to boot. These fatty acids and vitamin E can help support your pet's skin function and promote a glossy, shiny coat. We recommend using Lickochops as a stand alone product and as a nutritious addition to Dinovite. Your dog or cat will love the highly absorbable omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids in Lickochops.

If your dog or cat is particualy itchy you may want to supplement with even more Omega 3 fatty acids. For Omega 3's and vitamin E alone use our supplement called Supromega.