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Plastic pump for 8 oz. Supromega bottles. This pump will dispense about a 1/3 teaspoon of liquid with each pump. A quick and easy way to dispense Supromega fish oil. Note: This pump will not work on products in the tubes. It is intended ONLY to be used on the Supromega Fish Oil 8 oz. bottles.

24 Reviews

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    Pump for Supromega Fish Oil

    Posted by Grace on Nov 12th 2016

    Since I purchase 6-8 bottles each order. I would think the pumps would be included without extra charge.

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    Posted by Tami Bowles on Nov 4th 2016

    this is so great that i regret i didnt purchase it with my first order so much easier to get out of the bottle

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    didnt work from the go

    Posted by Unknown on Nov 2nd 2016

    Waste of my money I felt because it wouldn't pump period from the get go. Not saying all them won't work just mine didn't. No big deal for the couple bucks spent on it.

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    Does not work

    Posted by larges5 on Oct 19th 2016

    The pump worked on only one bottle of lickochops. The next bottle it stopped working. Even after unclogging the pump, it still did not work. Not happy!

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    Poor Quality

    Posted by Scott Andrus on Oct 17th 2016

    The pump has difficulty moving the heavy, oily lickochops liquid and it leaks excessively. However I'm a big fan of Dinovite.

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    Worth the extra cost

    Posted by JC on Aug 25th 2016

    Wish I had bought one of these with my 1st order of the lick-o-chops. Makes even distribution much easier. I have not had any issues with leaking or clogging.

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    Posted by Suzanne on Apr 12th 2016

    I have used about 5 pumps so far & unfortunately not one of them preformed satisfactorily. They have all leaked even when I have shook them... as well as clogged. Not optimal however I've not found an appropriate alternative. Hey- still love the Dinovite team- y'all are inspiring. Keep up the good work !!!!

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    The pump is essential

    Posted by R Darlene Pino on Mar 30th 2016

    I think the pump is an essential part of using the Lick-0-Chops, as it is difficult to open the lid on the bottle once it gets a bit of the contents on it (and it will).

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    Hand pump

    Posted by TBT on Mar 24th 2016

    The first one I bought lasted for approximately 8 - 9 months. All I have purchased in the last couple of years have only lasted 2 - 3 months without any variation to usage.