Simple Solutions All Day Premium Dog Pads

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Simple Solutions All Day Premium Dog Pads

Simple Solution All Day Premium Dog Pads, 23x24 (100 ct) is proud to introduce the All Day collection to our best-selling line of premium dog pads.

Powered by InstaShield Technology, these lavender-scented premium dog pads deliver 10x protection and eliminate odors to keep your home clean and smelling fresh all day. Simple Solution All Day Premium dog pads hold up to 10 cups of liquid and helps eliminate unpleasant pet odors.

It works great for multi-dog homes and pets that need to stay inside for extended periods. Contains 6-layers of guaranteed leak-proof protection. Features tear resistant top sheet with diamond-quilting to quickly pull moisture into the core to prevent puddling and tracking.

Place on floor, plastic side down and tissue side up

• Introduce your dog to the pad, allowing her to smell the special 3-In-1 Attractant and give her a familiar command to encourage use
• If she doesn’t relieve herself immediately, take her back several times until she is successful
• When she relieves herself on the pad, reward her with a treat or enthusiastic praise
• Replace as needed