What is Dinovite

There is a good chance that you have heard about Dinovite, perhaps on the Radio, TV, Internet, from a friend or family. Maybe you’ve wondered what is Dinovite exactly?
Well, Dinovite is a company and a family of products dedicated to helping your pets live the happy healthy lives they deserve. Our pets are friends and family. And they are counting us for all their needs.


Dinovite the product is actually a group of whole food supplements that have been formulated to supply delicate nutrients, live microbial cultures and enzymes that have either been cooked out of or lost in storage and processing of your pets food. These delicate nutrients, microbes and enzymes can help support your pets good health and help them be the happy pets they were meant to be!
Here at Dinovite we also manufacture some other products like our Omega fatty acid supplements, Lickochops and Supromega fish oil. Both these products help support healthy skin and shiny coats. We also produce healthy treats, meal toppers (our Nubonubs line) and all natural gentle shampoos with essential oils that smell great! Our shampoos are Dogosuds and Gentoclean.
We are so happy that you have stopped by to check us out and learn a little bit about what we do. I hope that we can help you and your pet in some way, please feel free to reach out to us with any questions you might have:)