Cat Ear Odor

Cat Cat Ear Odor

Cat ears come in all sizes and are a big part of what gives our cats their charm. It’s not so charming though, when a cat starts shaking his head, walking with his head tilted to one side, or constantly scratching his ears while he moans and grumbles.

An ear problem can be caused by an overgrowth of yeast. This is common in cats which have a mainly grain based, or “processed” diet. Grains, carbs and starches break down into sugars in a cat’s digestive tract feeding the yeast bacteria in the body. This can show up in many ways in different places in their bodies such as in their ears, the pads of their paws, under the arms and legs and their bellies.

An Unnatural Solution...
Creams, lotions, ointments and other treatments may relieve the symptoms temporarily. They are usually a much more expensive route as well. A better idea is to change their diet. Removing excessive fillers from the diet, you can greatly reduce, or even kill off the yeast. Better dietary patterns can contribute to better health.

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A Natural Solution...
Of course, you try to feed your cat good food. But even the best cat foods on the market are cooked or irradiated during the manufacturing process. Heat can destroy or damage certain enzymes and nutrients that Felines need to maintain strong immune systems and overall well being. Providing your buddy with a high quality meat protein is the first step to improving his diet.

You can opt for a dry kibble with at least the first 3-4 out of the first five ingredients that are meat proteins, (though it may be difficult, it’s not impossible!) Or you can simply go for a raw meat diet using a variety of meats such as chicken, ground beef, canned salmon or mackerel etc.

NOTE: Sometimes a butcher in your area will sell you the leftover last chance meats for a good price for your cat!

A great solution for chronic yeast issues is to make a homemade cat food for your cat.

Dinovite is a food supplement that adds those important nutrients and vitamins back to your cat’s diet. Whether using a dry kibble, or homemade cat food, the Dinovite supplement provides direct-fed microbials and digestive enzyme that promote good digestion, and help their bodies to break down and use the nutrients from their food.

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