Cat Digestion

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Stomach Issues are the #1 reasons why cats see a vet.

Cat with upset stomach? Dinovite can help.

Frequently coming home to diarrhea, vomit and other messy accidents? Did you know your kitty’s commercial diet could be to blame for upset stomach, lethargy and other gut-related cat health issues? 

Unfortunately, most factory-prepared cat food lacks certain nutrients required for good health. Overheated, over-processed food destroys the healthful gut bacteria that keeps your cat’s digestive system running in tip-top shape. Luckily, there’s Dinovite!

Dinovite is a probiotic powder supplement for cats, restoring the good bacteria in your pet’s gut with prebiotics and 7 strains of probiotics, Taurine, superfoods, vitamins and minerals. Simply scoop the powder formula onto your pet’s food and watch your cat’s health transform from the inside out. Click here to learn how Dinovite can improve your cat’s skin and coat, help with eye discharge and more!