Cat Skin & Coat

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1 out of 4 visits to the vet involve problems surrounding skin & coat health.

Vitamins and minerals are key to a cat’s shiny, soft coat. Dinovite can help.

Does your cat’s skin and coat feel brittle and dry? Cats require amino acids and other nutrients to keep shiny coats and supplement skin. Unfortunately, high-heat processed factory cat foods zap out most nutrients your pet needs, leading to itchiness, scratching, dull coats and bald spots. Thankfully, Dinovite can help.

Dinovite is a powder probiotic supplement for cat skin and coat health that promotes a shiny coat and many other health benefits. Dinovite contains Taurine for cats, Omega fatty acids, amino acids, Zinc, Vitamin E and more, hydrating your cat and transforming her health from the inside out. Simply scoop onto your pet’s daily food for a boost of vitamins and minerals.