How to Bathe a Dog

Dog How to Bathe a Dog

It may sound silly to explain how to wash a dog, but for many first time dog owners or owners looking to save a few dollars, this is a question of care that needs to be answered.

You can wash your dog! Yes YOU! Let's get started with the basics.

WHEN Do I Bathe My Dog?

This is the million dollar question. Here is the million dollar answer! When ever your dog needs a bath! Duh! No joking aside, it is best to bath our pets whenever they are dirty, stinky or when they have minor skin irritations. Using a natural & gentle shampoo like DogOsuds, feel free to bath your pet as often as once a week if necessary.

Now that we have covered a few of the key areas of this task, let's get down to business...

Things You Will Need:

-Bathtub-Deep laundry room sink/tub   -Walk-in shower   -Kitchen sink
-Do-It-Yourself dog bath facilities
-In the yard with a garden hose (as long as it is warm enough & your pet won't catch a chill)
There is no right or wrong place to bath your pet- It really is a matter of what you have available. Just keep in mind how this will work for the size of your dog & the comfort as well. Chihuahua's wash great in a kitchen sink!
Think safety first after choosing your ideal bathing area. Some surfaces, like the bottom of a bathtub, can be slippery when wet. Solve this issue by laying a towel at the bottom of the tub (don't block the drain though) for your pet to stand on. This will prevent slipping as the dog will be able to "grip" to it during bath time.

- Clean Towels - At least 3. One towel to use in the bottom of your tub for your dogs safety. Another towel on the floor of your workspace and the last towel to dry your pet after bath time.
- Depending on your workspace, you will need to have access to a hose or use a pitcher/large cup for rinsing
- If your dog is new to baths or skittish, a friend for comforting support
- DogOsuds - Any Blend will do. Read "What's so Great About DogOsuds?" to pick the best for your dog.
- Water
- A dog brush
- A clean washcloth
- Your dog of course!

6 Steps To A Squeaky Clean Dog

  1. Prepare the Workspace - Gather all of the gear you will need ahead of time. Don't be caught in the middle of washing your dog & realize that you don't even have shampoo.

  2. Brush your dogs coat - Bath time should be a relaxing time for you & your pet. A quick brush over can help relax your pet & show them some extra love but, also help brush away loose dirt or hair. Use this as a time to also inspect for any skin, coat or health issues. Did you know a dry coat or skin could benefit from fish oil (Dinovite's  SuprOmega fish oil)?

  3. Soak & Suds - Get your dog's coat nice & wet, then apply shampoo. A strip from the nap of the neck to the base of the tail is usually enough shampoo for a wash. If your pet has a thicker coat, dilute the shampoo with some water for better lathering. If you don't it will clump more on the coat & be harder to lather though you pets thick coat. Lather from top to bottom. First his back then gently scrubbing down to his tail and below. Lather his rear legs, his belly and chest and then his neck. Make sure you massage the shampoo into all of the creases, rolls, armpits and groin area. For best result massage in a circular motion. It will be like a mini-doggie massage!

    wet dog in bath.jpg
  4. Wash Head & Face - You will not want to lather the head & face the way you did the body. DO NOT get shampoo into your dogs eyes, nose, ears or mouth. Wet a wash cloth & gently wipe/rub the face clean. Use the cloth to wipe all the creases & wrinkles that may hold food or eye boogers. After wiping the face clean, use the same wash cloth to wipe the inside of the ears clean. Ensure that the cloth is just damp. Dry the ears after wiping them.

  5. Rinse Clean - Now is time to rinse your dog clean. Tilt your pets head upward to ensure that soapy water does not go into your pets eyes or ears. Just as you lathered you pet before, you will want to rinse your pet the same way. Rinse from top to bottom until the water runs off your pet clean/clear. Ensure that you rinse your pets armpits well!

  6. Shake & Dry - Your almost done! This part can be fun! Your dog's first instinct will be to shake like crazy! If you have a camera, this actually could be a cool picture. Letting your pet shake like crazy can actually be a tool in your corner when it comes to drying your pet off, this will shake off excessive water.

Take a towel & use this to hand dry your pet from top to bottom. Ensure you dry your pets ears, armpits & toes. You can use a blow dryer on a low setting if your pet very easy going & used to baths. Just ensure that while using the blow dryer that it will not burn or irritate the dog skin. Now is a great time to run the brush over your pets coat again to smooth it out from washing.


Tips For Success

Remember that bath time needs to be a POSITIVE experience! Have fun, this is a bonding time for you & your buddy.
During the bath make sure you are talking to your dog. Heck, even sing a song with a smile! Doing this little step will bring comfort to your dog.

Have healthy treats like NubOnubs handy as a reward. Dogs will do just about anything for a treat, including a bath!
If your pet is new to baths, they may try to resist bath time at first. Soon though they may enjoy or tolerate as you make bath time a positive experience for them.

You WILL get wet! You won't avoid this so make sure you are not wearing your Sunday best!

*All information on this website is for educational purposes only and is not intended to replace the expert advice of a veterinarian or veterinary practitioner.