Skunk Smell: Get Rid of It Fast!

Pet Skunk Smell: Get Rid of It Fast!

My first dog as an "adult" was a shaggy mix from the local pound given to me by my then boyfriend-now husband as a birthday gift. He was the cutest thing and went to all my college classes with me. Of course it was the 1980s on Kent State University campus and just about anything was acceptable.

Fast Forward 5 Years.
Now newly married, working a corporate job while my hubby worked nights managing a pet store, I was totally unprepared for how my sweet fuzzy dog was going to christen our new (old) home. Sometime around 10 p.m. on a Friday night, my pooch began a barkfest in the backyard. Afraid of making enemies of new neighbors, I quickly called him in...and as obedient as he was, he ran FAST into our kitchen...and into the livingroom...and up the stairs into our bedroom...rubbing against everything as he went!  STINKING LIKE A SKUNK!

As fast as I possibly could, I corralled him in the bathroom, shut the door and called my husband. I knew that he would know what to do...and he did. Mix up tomato juice, hydrogen peroxide, oxyclean...and several other odd ingredients and wash the dog. The problem was we had NONE of those ingredients on hand and this was the era before 24 hour grocery stores or drug stores. So, I used whatever tomato based food I had...ketchup, tomato soup, diced tomatoes, prego spaghetti sauce plus shampoo, dish name it, I washed that dog with it. And, after hours of massaging everything into his fluffy fur, he still smelled like a skunk! So, I put his crate in the yard and there's where he slept that night. For the next few months, everytime that dog got wet, he smelled like skunk!

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Fast Forward 20 Years.

Another state, another house, another dog. This time, my 8 lb. Rat Terrier decided that skunks should NOT be anywhere on her 35 acre farm. And, for 4 nights in a row, she found them and harassed them! Each night, I pulled out the ingredients to make the magic potion to get rid of skunk smell. And each night she still smelled enough like skunk to keep her sleeping in her crate on the front porch and not in my bed or on my couch!

By the fourth night, I was really sick and tired of gathering the magic potion ingredients so I simply put her in the bathroom sink, squirted hand soap on her, lathered her up, toweled her off and got ready to put her on the porch for the night.

But to my surprise, she smelled lovely, nothing like 4 nights of skunk hunting! More like lavender

What was in that pump bottle in my bathroom?  DogOsuds! Yep. That's all we use at my house on dogs and humans! After all, it is saponified organic oils and therapeutic grade 100% pure essential oils...human grade.

That's the night I discovered that  DogOsuds Lavender dog shampoo gets rid of skunk smell like nobody's business! And, four nights of skunk-capades in a single wash!

Moral Of The Story:

Stock up! Keep this wonderful, organic, natural pet shampoo  (and human body wash/hand soap) on hand for those stink emergencies like skunk-capades, dirty pond stench, dead animal rolling, manure wading...well you get the idea!

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