Swimming Safety for your Dog

Dog Swimming Safety for your Dog

Most dogs love to splash around in water! Swimming and splashing provides great entertainment and exercise for them, while keeping heat stroke at bay when that temperature starts to rise.

Have fun with your pup this summer, but keep these tips in mind.


Not All Dogs Like Water

Some dogs are natural swimmers and love water!  Some breeds do not like water and truly cannot swim.  Don’t assume your dog will love water or that your dog can swim.

Start Shallow and Slow

Even if your dog is an eager pup around water, start off cautiously.  Don’t let your dog jump into the middle of a lake or the deep end of your pool.  Instead, start off in a shallow location where your dog can practice their doggy paddle.

Provide a Life Vest if Needed

If your dog is going to be in and around water all day, consider a life vest.  Continual jumping and swimming is exhausting and the extra floatation will keep your dog from over exertion.  Buy the right size for your dog and make sure it fits right.  

Rinse, Rinse, Rinse!

No matter where your dog decides to make a splash, whether it’s a chlorine pool, salty ocean, sandy or muddy river or lake, take a few minutes to rinse your dog with clean water a the end of the day.  This can avoid any build up of harmful chemicals, salt or bacteria.  

Provide Drinking Water

It is not healthy for a dog to drink chlorine or salt water so make sure your dog knows where the clean drinking water is located.

Algae Warning

Blue-green algae grow in ponds and other freshwater pools.  This algae produces dangerous and potentially deadly toxins for your dog.  

Swimming and Exit Training 

Never leave your dog unattended while swimming.  And teach your dog the correct way to get out of the pool all by themself.

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