What's So Great about Yakosnaks?

Dog What's So Great about Yakosnaks?

Did you know, YakOsnaks are made from a natural hard cheese called Churpi?
Unlike rawhide (a highly undigestible hard chew), YakOsnaks are naturally produced as a highly digestible hard cheese chew for your pup. Free from preservatives, chemicals, additives, dyes, or flavoring.
Dogs don't need another form of carbs, starches, gluten, or grains in their diet. In fact, it's best to keep these things to a minimum.
Wish to learn more? Read 10-reasons why YakOsnaks are great below...

  1. Simple Ingredients
    You can feel good about giving your dog YakOsnaks! Even the most persnickety pet parents will be pleased with the simple ingredient list and the quality of the snack!

  2. Free from Additives
    At Dinovite, you can be assured that YakOsnaks are good for your pup! You can trust that we would never add artificial preservatives, chemicals, flavorings, additives to our products! We care about what goes into your best buddy.

  3. Nothing Stinky
    YakOsnaks don't stink or make your dog stink. No stinky odors; no worries!

  4. Highly Digestible
    Rawhide chews are known to be highly undigestible. This can be an issue when your dog swallows large pieces which can get lodged in the digestive tract or can make them sick from sitting, undigested, in their stomach. YakOsnaks are formulated to be a highly digestible treat for your pooch!

  5. Grain Free
    Dogs don't need one more form of carbs, starches, gluten, grains in their diet. In fact, it's best to keep these things to a minimum. Dinovite makes this easy with this carb free, gluten free, grain free treat. And the natural process of producing these treats leaves them virtually lactose free as well!

  6. Source of Protein
    YakOsnaks are a surprisingly good source of protein for your pup and a great alternative to bully sticks and other highly processed meat sticks that can contain all kinds of artificial dyes and flavoring!

  7. Long-lasting
    Tired of handing your dog a treat that is gone in seconds? YakOsnaks provide chewing satisfaction for even the most aggressive chewers! This treat can last for hours or even days!

  8. Great treat for all dogs
    Most all dogs LOVE YakOsnaks! They come in all sizes for all size dogs! And because they are a simple, all natural chew treat, they can be enjoyed by any age dog as well.

  9. Dental benefits
    Chewing is most dog's favorite pass time and they're counting on you to make good choices for their chewing pleasure! Providing the best chews for your dog will set your dog up for a lifetime of healthy teeth and gums!

  10. Two treats in one
    Your dog is going to LOVE chewing YakOsnaks! At some point, all that will be left will be a YakOsnack "nub". No need to throw that small piece away - Instead, pop it in the microwave for 45 seconds and watch the YakOsnak puff up to a crunchy cheese puff for your dog! (Make sure it's completely cool before serving)

Safety Guidelines
Always observe your animals while using any chew. Discard any broken or splintering pieces, and make sure your pet has plenty of water available. 

*All information on this website is for educational purposes only and is not intended to replace the expert advice of a veterinarian or veterinary practitioner.