Why Does My Dog Scratch

Dog Why Does My Dog Scratch

The constant itching and scratching can be just as frustrating for them as it is for you! This could also indicate something may be going on with your dog and if left untreated, the scratching could persist and cause further discomfort. There are several reasons that may cause a dog to scratch like a nutritional deficiency, flea or insect bites, boredom, anxiety, or simply scratching an itch. 

Nutritional Deficiency 

Occasional scratching is normal, but if your dog is scratching 24/7, it may be a sign of nutritional deficiency. Additional signs of nutritional deficiency also include unpleasant odor, crusty skin, excessive shedding, and sores or lesions. Your dog may be experiencing nutritional deficiency due to their diet so ensure you check the ingredient list on your dog's food to ensure you are providing a meat-based diet. Other items to look out for are limiting carbs, grains, fillers, and starches as dogs are natural carnivores and thrive on a meat-based diet. You can also combat nutritional deficiencies with a supplement like Dinovite which provides 10 strains of prebiotics and probiotics, omega fatty acids, and other important nutrients needed to tackle itching and scratching, paw licking, sores or lesions, and seasonal allergies in one easy-to-use supplement. 

Fleas and Ticks 

Treating your dog for fleas and ticks regularly is important for their comfort as well as their health. When fleas or ticks bite, it causes discomfort, itchiness, skin irritation, and in rare cases, disease. During regular grooming sessions, take this time as an opportunity to check your dog for fleas and ticks and act if needed. Are fleas the problem? Not to worry, we have the product for you! ZoGuard Plus for Dogs is effective against all life stages of the flea, effectively breaking the life cycle, controlling re-infestations, and kills 4 different species of tick including those that may transmit Lyme disease. 

Bored or Anxious 

Scratching could also be a sign of boredom. Introducing a new toy or activity is a great solution since keeping your dog entertained with a chew is not only great for their mental well-being, but it promotes good dental health and hygiene as well. Bored dogs may act out, so keep them entertained with Yakosnaks! A premium long-lasting cheese chew made with only milk, lime juice, and salt. Made with no fillers or additives so you can feel good about giving them to your pup. Remember to monitor your pet when they are consuming a treat or chew.  

Regarding anxiousness, your dog could be anxious if they want to go outside or if there is a change in schedule. An anxious dog is likely to scratch more than dogs that are not anxious. Sometimes our best buddy will need support coping with stresses like separation or generalized anxiety. As a pet parent, you can support your dog with Beneboost Calming Liquid to help curb destructive behavior and maintain normal emotional balance and calmness. 

In conclusion, analyze your dog’s food and treats, provide nutritional supplements and entertainment. It is important to figure out what is causing your dog to itch, not only for their comfort, but for their long-term health.  

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