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Untreated anxiety in cats causes spraying, aggression and other bad behaviors.

Anxious cat? Dinovite can help.

Cats can’t communicate what they are feeling in words so they tell us what’s going on through behavior. As a loving pet owner you pay attention to the signs and try to help your pet as best you can. If you’ve started to notice signs of cat anxiety like excessive meowing, hissing, hiding and spraying outside of the litter box, it might be time to try a calming aid for cats. Dinovite Advanced Calming Liquid can help.

Dinovite Advanced Calming Liquid is an easy-to-use supplement you pump on your cat’s food to promote calmness. The calming aid contains Thiamine, Theanine and Tryptophan - powerful nutrients that help promote relaxation and bring peace and balance to your cat.