Zoguard Flea & Tick for Cats

Zoguard Flea & Tick for Cats Front
Zoguard Flea & Tick for Cats Front

Zoguard Flea & Tick for Cats


ZoGuard Plus for Cats, comparable to Frontline Plus contains the same active ingredients and offers the same level of flea and tick protection at a better value. ZoGuard Plus for Cats is effective against all life stages of the flea, effectively breaking the life cycle and controlling re-infestations. Each package includes 3-monthly doses providing 12 weeks of protection. ZoGuard Plus for Cats is waterproof and will remain effective even after bathing, water immersion, or exposure to sunlight.

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ZoGuard Flea and Tick for Cats

  • SAME EFFECTIVENESS AS FRONTLINE PLUS - The SAME amount of the SAME active ingredients delivering the SAME protection for a lot LESS.
  • KILLS FLEAS AT ALL LIFE STAGES - Unlike flea medicine for cats that may only kill adult fleas, ZoGuard breaks the flea life cycle by killing all stages of fleas: Eggs, Larvae, and Adults
  • EFFECTIVELY ELIMINATES TICKS AND LICE - Zoguard Plus Tick treatment for Cats kills 4 different species of tick including those that may transmit Lyme disease. Zoguard also rapidly eradicates chewing lice.
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Remove the product tubes from the package and separate one tube from the other. Hold the vial with the notched tip up and away from the face. Use scissors to snip off the tip at the notches. Invert the vial and use the open tip of the tube to part your pet's hair between the shoulder blades. Squeeze the tube to apply all of the product to your pet's skin in a single spot between the shoulder blades. Allow the treated area to dry thoroughly.

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